Guest Poet:

Michelle Y. Secord
Waves of Grace Ministries


Will this mourning ever find its end?

Will the darkness turn to light?

Will the day ever lose its fight?

Will I ever see things through God’s eyes?

Will I ever stop to cry?

Indeed, sorrowing over what is lost?

Mourning, as it has come with such high cost.

An empty spot, missing those who are gone…

Seems that much too often, another loss comes along…
God, have I been so wrong?

I want my life to sing a different song.

A song of joy, a song of a smile

Wow, it’s been awhile…

I need to give You all of my pain,

Because I know there is much to gain,

Through loss,

Through the high cost…

We can learn so much,

We can feel Your gentle touch

You are so good to us…

Reach out and trust

Is it okay Lord to cry over loss?

When do the tears stop?

Please take me back to the mountain top.

Been so long in the valley of the shadow

But I will stand in victory with You by my side,

This I know, for You told me so

Every promise that You have made

Is mine to take

So I hold to those and I hold to Your heart

Only You Lord, only You can give me a clean start.

I hold to your heart

I will indeed sing a different song,

One that we will sing along,

One that we will sing along…