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Prayer Targets: Maryland Marriage; New York City Pastors; Pro-Life Month, Elections

by admin

Dear Praying Friends, This month pro-life Americans will mourn the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that unborn children are not protected by the U.S. Constitution and American women have an unfettered “right” to abortion. Since then 55 million American babies have been put to death without due process of law. Human life has become radically devalued. […]

Family Research Council Prayer Targets: 2011: Election Year!

by admin

January 06, 2012  When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn. Proverbs 29:2 Dear Praying Friends, Happy New Year, 2012! We find ourselves in a pivotal election year. Every two years we American citizens have the opportunity freely to choose our leaders. Every seat in […]

vinod Rekha Ethan

by RobynMorris

Future Plan- To have the children’s Home for the motherless and Fatherless. To help the communities where ever there is needs. To start a educational school for pre-school to grade X. To reach unreached people group. Prayer request- 1. Pray for support for the future ministry project. 2. Pray that God will help us to […]

Pray for Adda Sutter

by RobynMorris

Let us continue to pray for Adda Sutter:   Adda is the Ohio National Day of Prayer State Administrator to Marianne Barnhart. Let us thank God that she will receive good test results from some medical test she will be having in regards to her Diabetes. Her first test were as follows. Her A-1 C was very […]

UPDATE: My daughter Ann

by RobynMorris

  Robyn & faithful partners in the Lord :  God bless you all for your prayers.        The port worked beautifully Tuesday for Ann. The troubles we had with the port not working we actually  seen miracle from God in this. I missed it at first. It was sad that Ann went thru another surgery but […]

Pray for Ellen 54yrs old atheist

by RobynMorris

Woman named Ellen 54yrs old atheist in hospice care for cancer please pray how God leads you.Thank-you so much for taking these prayers.Also update on my brother Lance he got a job and is doing well.thanks for all your prayers.God bless you real good. In Christ Kim