Dear Praying Friends,
This month pro-life Americans will mourn the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that unborn children are not protected by the U.S. Constitution and American women have an unfettered “right” to abortion. Since then 55 million American babies have been put to death without due process of law. Human life has become radically devalued. This ruling opened the door to physician-assisted suicide, euthanasia, use of live human embryos for research, government-promoted abortion in domestic and foreign policy, FDA approved over-the-counter abortifacient morning after pills, universal taxpayer funding for abortion under Obamacare and direct, taxpayer funding for the nation’s largest abortion provider, and etc. In 1973, there was public protest, but it was meager. Protestant pastors, in particular, made little outcry. Theologian, Dr. Frances Schaeffer, and Pediatric Surgeon, Dr. C. Everett Koop, pleaded in their 1979 book, Whatever Happened to the Human Race:
Let it never be said by historians…after the Supreme Court decided on abortion in 1973 and the practice of infanticide began – there was no outcry… Christians know why people are different and have value as unique individuals… they are made in the image of God.
What has happened to the human race? Why are we afraid of being people, of being human? Of enjoying the greatest blessings that life can bring – being alive and being people of love, tenderness, gentleness, care and concern?
It is vital that we put first not economics or efficiency charts and plans, but being people – real flesh-and-blood people. We are not to be materialistic robots who think and act like machines and will even kill to maintain their lifestyles. This attitude is as stupid as it is wrong. It is stupid because such people traded in their beautiful humanity for sawdust and ashes – for broken homes, for abortions, for starved children, and for old people locked away and even destroyed. Being a person has infinitely greater rewards for those who will consciously concentrate on being people – warm and loving people – rather than on their personal peace and affluence.
We challenge you to be a person in this impersonal age. Be human in this inhuman age. Put the people in your life first – whether perfect or marred…Come to your senses…
If we … wish to be remembered well, we need to do something to stop all [these] evils… if we sit back and do nothing, our mere passivity and apathy will lead to actively evil results by removing resistance to those who are active and non-apathetic. That so many are doing so little should encourage more than a mild commitment…
May God help us to rededicate our lives to finishing the job of ending abortion!
Maryland Marriage – The 430th session of the Democrat-controlled Maryland General Assembly opens today, and run through April 9th. Governor Martin O’Malley (D), who supported the effort to legalize same-sex marriage last year, has vowed to pass the bill this year. Inspired by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s successful drive for homosexual marriage in New York, O’Malley will introduce the bill in his own name and promises to make its passage his top priority. Last year, the Maryland Senate, somewhat less liberal than the House, passed the measure and House passage was considered certain. But African-American pastors in Prince George’s County persuaded a key sponsor of the bill to change her mind. When she failed appear for the Judiciary Committee vote, advocates knew their plan had gone awry. While the committee chairman shepherded the bill to the House floor, advocates, after a week-long debate at the close of the session, failed to achieve a majority (they lacked one vote) and withdrew the bill. Pastor Derek McCoy, who leads the Maryland Family Alliance is organizing pastors and leading the fight to preserve marriage as only between one man and one woman. With pledges from the Governor and Maryland’s political establishment and flush with cash from outside the state, professional homosexual activists on the ground in Annapolis are confident they will win this year. But, as they did last year, they discount the role of Maryland’s pastors, churches and prayer. Bishop Harry Jackson, whose involvement was a major factor last year, says prayer, especially in the final days of the fight, was the key to stopping passage. The prayers of God’s people across America will be required for victory this year (O’Malley, Maryland Family Alliance).
  • May God stir pastors across the state of Maryland to set aside their regular activities to do their part in this critical fight. May they lead their congregations to do their duty as Christian citizens! May this and related bills be defeated and the momentum toward homosexual marriage be permanently reversed! As has happened in Maine and New Hampshire, may politicians who have no conscience in this matter be reminded at the polls (Gen 1:27 ff; Job 38:3; Jer 23:9-18; Eze 33:1-19; Mal 2:11-16; Mt 6:33; 17:20; 19:4-6; Lk 1:37; Rom 1:32).
New York City Pastors Taking a Stand – While Mayor Bloomberg delivers his State of the City address Thursday, Pastors from across the city will rally at Noon to pray and stand with Pastor and City Councilman Fernando Cabrera, four New York City pastors and 3 councilmen arrested two weeks ago while praying outside the city law building. They sought a reversal of the Bloomberg Department of Education (DOE) plan to evict scores of churches that rent public school facilities for worship services. The facilities are available for public use, thus, this was an act of pure discrimination and an assault on religious liberty. Tens of thousands of American churches began in homes and moved to school buildings until they grew and saved enough to acquire a permanent church home. There is no justification for the city’s actions except discrimination. Legal experts say the DOE is in violation of the Federal Equal Access Act (see Arrested, NYC to Clergy: Drop Dead, more details at Churches in Schools on Facebook).
  • May God grant favor to the pastors and people; may NYC reverse this policy and may jurisdictions across America take note and reaffirm their compliance with the Equal Access Act. May a bill to counteract this be passed by the City Council! (2 Chr 26:16-18; Pr 28:4; Dan 3:17-18; 6:7-10: ff; Acts 5:29; 25:11; 1 Tim 6:12-16)
Pro-life Month – FRC and hundreds of national, state and local pro-life organizations will draw attention to every person’s right to life, and will recruit folks young and old to enlist or reenlist in the fight to end abortion. FRC is leading the creative “I’m Pro-Life Because…” campaign, featuring photographs of individuals with their sonogram or baby pictures and a brief about why they are pro-life. ProLifeCon has become the premiere annual conference at FRC for the online, pro-life community. On January 23 in DC, online experts and pro-life legislators will share cutting-edge information about how better to use blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other online tools to advance Life. FRC’s Dr.’s David Prentice and Pat Fagan will speak and FRC will hand out 1,800 bags of pro-life resources at the largest pro-life youth gathering in the U.S, hosted by Students for Life. FRC will unveil an updated history of the Pregnancy Care Movement highlighting the amazing things being done today.
  • May God awaken America to Him Who is Life, and to the immeasurable value of those created in His image. May we pray as never before and may 2012 go down in history as the year abortion was brought to an end in America! (Gen 1:27; 4:10; 6:11-13; 9:5:b-7; Et 5:17; Ps 139: all; Pr 24:10-12; Is 49:15; Jn 1:4; 10:10-15;14:6)
Finally, please keep the elections constantly in prayer. Pray not only over the presidential candidates, but those running for state and local office. As always, thank you for praying!
Rev. Pierre Bynum
National Prayer Director

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