Robyn & faithful partners in the Lord :  God bless you all for your prayers.   
    The port worked beautifully Tuesday for Ann. The troubles we had with the port not working we actually  seen miracle from God in this. I missed it at first. It was sad that Ann went thru another surgery but , I realized now that the doctor in Aultman Hospital said the port was totally blood clotted and had to be removed. At first the surgeon led us to think they messed up in Aultman, but now after days of thinking about the situation and talking with my daughter and son in law , God gave our answer to prayer.
We were all praying that God would intervene and make it work ,so when the doctor opened Ann up , He found it was perfect.  Not being a Christian  he got upset right away because he didn’t understand what was going on and this automatically steered me off in the wrong direction being under so much stress.(Sorry!) .  
 I now believe it was not a mistake on the part of Aultman Hospital but God worked a miracle for Ann. ( God cleared that port in answer to our prayers .)
      I now have 9 cancer patients that I have on my prayer list and get to talk ,pray & minister too. I love that part.   Thanks be to God.
     Today about 10:30 am  Ann gets that shot that put her down in bed for days the last time.
May  God  richly bless you and grant all your prayer requests, and I thank you for your faithfulness in your prayers for Ann and all the people that you pray for.  Your brother in the Lord  Tim